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Drawings, painting studies, and studio pieces for sale exclusively in my dedicated shop.
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FJORDS: An artist's notebook
Published by Grejczik Gallery, A5 Paperback, 100+ pages
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The Norway sketchbook of geology notes, sketches of mountains, sea and northern lights - lovingly reproduced from the original sketchbook. Luxury paperbook printed on ivory paper and with a soft matte varnished cover.. To be printed locally in Scarborough, UK by McRay Press.
Saltwick: An artist's notebook
Published by Grejczik Gallery, A5 Paperback, 140 pages
"SALTWICK" is a collection of 5 year’s worth of sketches of the one mile stretch of coast from Whitby to Saltwick Bay.
An artistic walk through cliffs, oodles of fossils, two sea stack formations, two shipwrecks, geology and artistic inspiration. Enjoy a contemporary artist’s take on traditional seascape through her sketchbook.
Black and white pages with 11 colour images. Printed in Scarborough, UK by McRay Press.

Scenes of Art & Science
Essays by an artist
A5 Paperback, 112 pages, full colour, SOLD OUT
​​​​​​​My geek side got even stronger with my second book published by Grejczik Gallery. A collection of science essays accompanied by images of my paintings and drawings.
The book contains 11 essays about how science relates to the paintings and drawings with topics such as tides, light reflection and refraction, geology and fossils, horizon distances, star colours, shale and chalk.
-- The Shale
-- Seeing Colour
-- Fossils
-- Painting Gold
-- Tides
-- Starlight
-- The Chalk
-- Horizon Lines
-- Waves
-- Nebulous Drawing
-- Faults and Folds

5"x8" Paperback, 66 pages
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A collection of 58 drawings by artist Tina Mammoser sharing her love of Whitby's local rock formation known as "The Submarine". Copies available for UK shipping. Buy now.

Sea, Stone, Sky
A5 Paperback, 148pp, SOLD OUT
Get a peek at the actual sketchbook of an artist!
This book was created to fund the relocation of my studio from London to Scarborough, Yorkshire. I spent several months drawing along the local coastline. For the first time ever, I decided to combine my "geek" sides and included my sea and wave studies, coast drawings, geology sketches, and astronomy observations all in one sketchbook! 
Published by Grejczik Gallery. Limited edition of 100 copies.

On Sublimity and Synaesthesia
by Stephen Baycroft
A5+ Paperback, 111 pages.
This book commemorates four solo exhibitions collectively entitled "On Sublimity and Synaesthesia" held at the no format Gallery in Woolwich, London in 2012. Each section of the book is devoted to one of these exhibitions, and includes a philosophical and art historical context for the artworks made by an exhibiting artist, a written statement by this artist and illustrations of his/her artworks. Major themes explored in the book include the influence on the making of visual artworks of 'sublime' experiences of nature and visual artworks; of Pseudo-synaesthetic (extra-perceptual) analogies between paintings, audible music and verbal languages; and the synaesthetic (sensory perceptual) input of non-visual sensory data to the visual perceptual process used to compose and experience visual artworks. Artists; Tina Mammoser, Laurent Cahard, Sally McKay, Jenny Wiggins. Published by Second Floor Arts & Studios.

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